Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot

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Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot is a fighting game against zombies while undertaking daring scientist rescue missions. Your help is much needed.

Unfolding Events in Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot

A cataclysmic meteor impact has introduced a malevolent horde of zombies to the feline realm. These sinister beings harbor a vile ambition to annihilate the feline populace and seize control over their domain. Cat scientists have fallen victim to their clutches, becoming subjects of their ominous experiments. Stepping forth as the valiant champion in this narrative, you shall champion the cause of the beleaguered cats, steadfastly safeguarding their realm. Brace yourself for an expedition like no other!

Accomplish Missions

Within the realm of Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot, your character will be at your command, equipped with an array of firearms to combat the encroaching zombie menace. With each wave of an assault launched upon the enemy's stronghold, you must triumph over these undead adversaries, liberating captured scientists while simultaneously achieving the objectives stipulated by the game. Obliterate all zombies that manifest and gather the assorted loot they relinquish, including fish, stars, brains, bullets, and more.

Mastering the Controls

  • Employ the WASD or arrow keys to facilitate movement.
  • Utilize the spacebar to unleash your gunfire.
  • Engage the G key to dispatch grenades.
  • Invoke the F key to execute a swift about-face.
  • Tap the R key to seamlessly switch between weaponry.
  • To effectuate the rescue of imprisoned scientists encased within iron cages, position yourself within the designated circle.