Chinese Food Maker

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About Chinese Food Maker

Chinese Food Maker is a cooking game. The dishes in the game are cooked in a traditional Asian style. We can learn how to make them through this game.

Food images always attract us. Making these attractive dishes is a process. Each dish has the common characteristics of Asian cuisine. The development of society makes people's needs and standards in food also become more stringent. However, it must still be based on the long-standing tradition so as not to lose the original flavor of the dish. The common characteristics of the cuisine from Asian countries always create a distinctive feature. Through them, you will discover these special features.

Explore the game

Start with the stages

Making cake dough

You can choose your favorite color to mix into the dough. Next is the dough, knead the dough in the direction from bottom to top. Repeat several times until finished. Next, cut the dough into 4 equal parts.

  • Roll the dough: Roll these 4 pieces of dough into a thin round piece. Choose the right kind of cake filling. Then, round them up like a small dumpling.
  • Powdered: To keep the cakes apart and not sticky, roll these 4 cakes with some flour around
  • Cook the dough: Let's make the water boil. Then put the dough in the pot. When the dough is cooked, take them out
  • The final stage: Eat them in 20 seconds. You will finish the game at this stage.

The bright colors will add more flavor to the dish. Asian dishes often emphasize national traditions. Especially during the holidays, Tet, worshiping ancestors, and traditional folk dishes are indispensable.


Use the mouse, and follow the instructions to complete the dish