Clicker Heroes

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About Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is a game supported in many different languages.This is a special feature of the game, not too difficult to understand its basic rules.

Interesting points in the game

Your click will create a fairly strong damage. In the character there is a fixed HP bar. When HP returned 0, you killed that monster. Emotions are shown on the face of each character after each click or after death.

There will be a decrease in gold after the monster is killed. Get and use it to upgrade your ability to increase combat power.

Defeat the last owners on new lands

The story will become more interesting when you go to different places. In dry soils, harsh climate or also the opposite. At the end of the new map, there are the last monsters. Those are difficult obstacles that you have to overcome. If you have upgraded your skills before, the boss will become easier for you.


  • Beautiful graphics full of emotion is completely different from other clicker versions
  • Many new maps to explore
  • No need to apply too many thoughts can still win.


Use the mouse to kill enemies.