Coffee Break

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About Coffee Break

In Coffee Break, you will become a coffee shop owner. Is it easy to open a coffee shop? Success is luck and failure is not a loss! Try to earn a lot of money.

You want to run a small coffee shop. You have to headache with the elements to create a coffee shop. When playing the game you will have yourself these answers. All games are for entertainment. So you can feel free to take advantage of all your advertising possibilities and strategies to attract as many potential customers as possible to enjoy your coffee.

How Coffee Break Works

Business form

You are already a small private business owner. Your job is solely to successfully develop this mini cafe. Starting with the most basic stages are to use the meager capital available and invest in the cashier desks, hire support staff to stand at the counter, buy tables and chairs, etc. When not fully hired employees are available. An owner like you still has to perform the work in the shop such as serving coffee, clearing tables, picking up money...

Coffee at Coffee Break always ensures strict standards in terms of preparation, quantitative, and quality of coffee. So if customers have complaints, you should consider other factors of the cafe. For example, there are no tables and chairs. Or maybe the tables and chairs have not been cleaned... Fix all customer feedback to increase sales.

Coffee Break's capital source

The basic source of income is always from the sale of coffee cups. However, you can still increase your income and this is also the fastest and most profitable source of income. That is watching the ads. A small note you have to watch the entire ad to be able to earn this amount. If you click "SKIP AD" before the ad ends you will not receive any free earnings.


Use the mouse to trade Coffee Break