Colorbox Puzzle

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Experience the Colorful Challenge of Colorbox Puzzle

Colorbox Puzzle is a puzzle game decorated with colorful kaleidoscope. You need to strategically position blocks to duplicate the specified pattern.

The game mechanics are elegantly simple. Your task is to maneuver all block pieces located on the right side of the screen into the designated pattern on the left. Precisely arrange these blocks to ensure the pattern is meticulously recreated. Bear in mind, time is of the essence. You must work swiftly to replicate the design before the clock runs out. The quicker you conquer each level, the more stars you'll earn. If you ever find yourself stumped, a lifeline exists in the form of the Hint button at the screen's bottom. However, this assistance comes at a cost - 5 coins per hint.

Colorbox Puzzle offers 8 levels of difficulty, ranging from Painless to Super Insane. As the challenge intensifies, so do the rewards. Within each difficulty level, you'll encounter a total of 30 unique puzzles. Brace yourself, some of these puzzles pose a formidable challenge. Yet, the greater the challenge, the sweeter the rewards. Aim to conquer all 240 levels the game has to offer.

Exciting Tidbits about Colorbox Puzzle

By consistently signing in and playing daily, you can accumulate daily coins. Additionally, partake in daily puzzles to earn bonus coins. The daily puzzle's difficulty varies, and best of all, there's no time constraint, allowing for a more leisurely solving experience.