Cooking Fast 4 Steak

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About Cooking Fast 4 Steak

In the fourth installment of the Cooking Fast series and this is "Cooking Fast 4 Steak", you are faced with another hectic day at your restaurant. Your fame began to quickly spread throughout the metropolis all of a sudden! Customers queue at your entrance! Will you be able to fulfil each and every transaction in a timely manner? Have joy!

The rules

Not every guy has the intestinal fortitude to prepare a steak. But you are the most talented cook in the entire city! You are well-known for the burgers that you have prepared. Are you prepared to welcome customers and get the day started at the cafe? If that's the case, you can get the game going by selecting the "play" button on the screen. Because you have an excessive number of customers who wait and become irate as they do so, the goal of this game is for you to prepare the meals that your patrons have requested in a timely manner. You have a variety of objectives to accomplish each day, and these objectives can be related to either money or time. There will also be something available for purchase from the buffet. You have the option of including fries and onions with your sirloin plates, or you can fulfil the requests of your customers by preparing drumsticks. These will come in useful when it comes time to outfit your kitchen with additional appliances such as grills, soda machines, and other devices. Immediately after the beginning of the game, the players will see the customers walking around with their purchases on their heads. Therefore, you get to work right away on preparing the purchases. In the event that you require it, you can consult the recipe guide. Earning money is contingent upon your ability to accurately prepare the orders. I hope you have success in the kitchen!


  • Cooking game
  • Aspirations to realise
  • A activity that is both entertaining and difficult.
  • Game that imparts education


Use the mouse