Cooking Madness

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About Cooking Madness

In Cooking Madness, you will be in charge of managing the kitchen of a popular fast food establishment all by yourself. Are you up to the challenge? Now is the time to put your culinary expertise to the test as you strive to satisfy each and every one of your patrons while maintaining a high rate of production. It may appear to be a straightforward task, but even a small error could have catastrophic consequences.

Your task in the game

Keep in mind how long the food has been cooking in the pan, watch as the orders come in and the customers' patience wanes, and make sure that the orders are filled with the appropriate ingredients so that every customer departs with a big smile on their face and a generous tip in appreciation of your hard work. You will be able to earn rewards for your hard work and take your restaurant to the top of the industry as you earn enough money to purchase some upgrades that will make your job easier, like more ingredients, new cooking pans, fryers for delicious fries, and new iced tea machines. You will also earn rewards for your hard work.


  • With beautiful 2D graphic design, the characters are built with dynamic and strong images. Food is harmonious, attractive, bright colors.
  • The kitchen is decorated with a modern European style.
  • Sound effects are also very diverse with background music, effects when cooking, character expressions, .. making the restaurant atmosphere fun, lively and authentic.

How to play

Use the mouse