Cooking Mama

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About Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is mom's turkey preparation game. Mom will cook this chicken after it's been prepped. Are these turkey dishes delicious? How does mom cook?

What Mama never told you: In the U.S., almost all birds have their throats slit while they're still conscious, and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, millions are scaled to death in tanks of hot water. At first glance, the mother's cooking method is a bit scary. Enter the game and let's comment.

How to play the game?

Prepare the turkey

  • Pluck Turkey: Click on the feathers with your mouse to pluck them from the dead turkey
  • Get Organs: Take the organs from the turkey's belly, then mix them in a bowl

During the preparation steps, you will see the blood of the chicken pouring out. But stay calm and complete the steps brilliantly. After completing the above preparation steps you will receive a bonus, watch the video to open the bonus.


We need to cook this turkey for Make a Thanksgiving feast

Stuff Turkey

  • Crack the eggs: use your mouse to pick up the eggs, crack them, and deposit them in the bowl
  • Mix the Ingredients: Click on each ingredient when it's time to add it to the bowl, then click and drag the mouse in a circular motion to stir the mixture
  • Stuff the bird: Grab the stuffing by clicking it with the mouse, then drag it over the turkey and release. Be careful not to use too much!
  • Remove the head!: Follow the guide arrows on the screen and use your mouse to saw back and forth to remove the head
  • Cook the turkey: Turn on the oven by pressing the "on" button and turn it off when the temperature reaches orange

After many difficult stages of preparation, the turkey was finally quite clean

Make the giblet Gravy

  • Chop the Neck: Follow the guide arrows on the screen and use your mouse to saw back and forth to cut the neck into three parts
  • Saute the Body Parts: Turn on the oven burner. Use the mouse to click on each ingredient and add it to your pan. Use the mouse to grab the handle of the pan and saute by holding the pan and moving your mouse back and forth
  • Strain the Gravy: Use the mouse to click on the body parts and remove them from your gravy. Be careful, it's hot!

In-game bonuses

  • Meet Your Meat" Video
  • "Mama Kills Animals' Wallpaper
  • Butterball Investigation
  • North American Turkey Slaughter
  • "Mama Kills Animals' web banner

The processing method and the final rewards is for you to discover by yourself. Those will be the precious methods of the mother. Good luck.


All operations in the game are done with the mouse