Crab And Fish

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About Crab And Fish

Dive into the exciting puzzle world of Crab And Fish. In this game, you play as a friendly crab on a mission to rescue his fish friends from tangled nets.

Crab And Fish is a single-player puzzle adventure that presents you with a sea filled with fish caught in nets. As the ocean's caring crab, you must use your wit and skills to break blocks of various shapes and sizes by clicking on them. By doing so, you can release the fish back into their natural habitat, the ocean.

Your crab is enclosed within a hexagon, and it's crucial to maintain a stable balance while breaking the blocks. Aim to break the blocks while keeping the crab's balance along the sides of the hexagon, as the corners pose a greater challenge and increase the risk of your crab tumbling off the blocks.

Rules of the game in Crab And Fish

The score in Crab And Fish is calculated based on your successful fish rescues and block-breaking achievements. Each time you liberate a fish, you earn points. Additionally, breaking blocks grants you more points, with different shapes, sizes, and complexities of blocks offering varying point rewards. So, the more blocks you break and the more fish you set free, the higher your score will soar.