Crazy Drift

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About Crazy Drift

The racing video game Crazy Drift is incredibly realistic in terms of both its visuals and its simulation of the physics engine in every aspect of the vehicle. Download the game to see the visually stunning racing screens that take place in a variety of expansive locations.

Crazy Drift Steam is a driving, racing, and sliding simulation game that is very realistic and high-fidelity. It smoothly replicates the physics engine in every component of the car, providing you an immersive experience. Live competitions that are quite exciting! Play Crazy Drift right now to live an action-packed life, complete with realistic driving mechanics, and participate in exhilarating races.

The primary aspects of the gameplay in Crazy Drift

  • Enjoy the most advanced graphics as well as driving mechanics that are true to life.
  • Experience the thrill of 10 different and fascinating game modes.
  • There are many cars to pick from, each with their own unique set of specifications.
  • Additionally, players can ride motorcycles in this game.
  • Design of the vehicle: The creator of the game has created the automobile with a great deal of precision, intricacy, and realism in its underlying mechanics.
  • The game has ten different maps set in a wide variety of settings.

Release Date

June 2022


Web browser


L / K = headlights.
Q / E / Z = indicators.
F = NOS.
G = Slow-motion.
H = horn.
C = change camera view.
B = look back.
Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually.
WASD / arrow keys = drive.
Space = handbrake.