Cute Unicorn Care

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Become a professional veterinarian

In Cute Unicorn Care you will need to take care of your tired unicorn. Let's take him to the clinic so he can get well soon and get healthy again. You play as a professional veterinarian and help the adorable little unicorns regain their fun and vibrant selves. These unicorns are not only sick but full of dirt, requiring your expert care to restore them to full health and prepare them for their return to the world.

Take care of the little unicorn

Health check for period

Our lovely little unicorn is experiencing some disturbing symptoms, it becomes lethargic, and inactive, with red eyes, wilted ears, and loss of voice. Take him to the clinic for a thorough examination. We have prepared all the necessary medical instruments to measure his vital signs, such as blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. We will then use drops, ointments, and pills to restore the baby's health.

Cure for the uncle period times

Use the equipment available to clean them thoroughly and take care of their bumps and scratches with the utmost care. Each unicorn will have specific instructions on the screen for you to follow. By diligently following these instructions, you'll quickly have all the unicorns dancing around happily.

Complete nutritional supplement

This little squirrel may be hungry, you'll need to give it some nourishment. In addition, you need to take a gentle bath and spend time playing which will help to lift his spirits. Try to help your beloved unicorn come back happy and alive.