Dead Land Adventure 2

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Dead Land Adventure 2 is a game where you will transform into a ninja and kill zombies. Try to find your way out of the dangerous paths that are taking place.

Help Ninjas complete the mission

Ninjas have long been revered for their exceptional capabilities, and in this game, you will embody these very traits. Presently, you find yourself disoriented in an unfamiliar realm shrouded in death, overrun by invading zombies. Your objective: make your way back to familiar ground. This alternate world will serve as a proving ground to enhance your ninja skills, all while fending off relentless zombie assaults.

Employing your martial prowess to neutralize the zombie threat. These undead adversaries consistently patrol the map, gravitating towards your character with intentions of inflicting harm. Each encounter chips away at the ninja's health, and depletion of the health bar spells defeat. Engage in close-quarters combat by utilizing your trusty sword against nearby zombies, and for foes at a distance, deploy your throwing darts.

Unlock exciting new portals

Unlocking doors hinges on the acquisition of keys, and to attain these keys, you must first gather round gems scattered throughout the game world. The accumulation of these gems will trigger automatic door opening mechanisms. Beyond that, coins also hold significance, serving as a valuable resource. Ensure you collect them as you navigate this challenging landscape.