Doodled Frog

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About Doodled Frog

The Doodled Frog will be standing in the middle of the game screen, and he will attempt to distract you so that you are unable to concentrate on the duties that are actually included in this game.

To begin, you need to be aware that you will be required to make extensive use of your mouse, and you will need to carefully follow each of the instructions given to you in order to achieve success and finish the goal presented to you in this exciting game.

To complete each level, you will need to tap on the frog's body surface when prompted to do so. The fact that each level is unique is what makes the game so much fun, but since you can't predict what it will throw at you to prepare you for the next one, you need start to work right away. For instance, the first level will require you to click on the doodled frog exactly when you notice it turning blue in order to pass it. Because this will take some time, let's start making preparations now. Do not push the button too soon or too late because doing so will cause you to lose the game.

The following stages will include some puzzles for you to solve, so make sure you are well-prepared for whatever may come your way. All I can tell you is that each of them will contain this doodled frog. I wish you the best of success for the last round, and may you always be as perceptive, capable, and skilled as you can be!


  • Suitable for children in the brain development space
  • Beautiful sound graphics create a sense of fun
  • Free game and no need to download
  • 70 different mini games


  • Mouse – Navigate
  • Left Mouse Button – Interact
  • Arrow Keys: Game Mode-Specific