EG Bus Subway

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About EG Bus Subway

EG Bus Subway is a skateboarding game in the subway. You will become an excellent marathon runner. Let's experience how to play skateboarding in this game.

As for the version of Subway, you're probably too familiar, This used to be a very famous game. In the world of professional gamers, no one has ever played. EG Bus Subway version has been improved more in both characters and items and many other changes are waiting for you.

The Rules in EG Bus Subway

Street adventure

You will get used to running first. How to run left lane, right lane, and back to the middle road. Several moves jump up and slide down to avoid traps and obstacles. Next is how to call the skateboard to appear. Skateboard control method. Use a rocket skateboard to fly up. Practice a lot to get used to all the maneuvers and form instant reflexes every time you encounter a trap.

Mode of the game

  • Mission: While running, you will see different items on your way. You will receive the above gift if you collect the required amount.
  • Challenge: While running, you will see the alphabet shown on the road. Pick them up, if you collect the full letters in the word above, you will be rewarded with a random gift

Character equipment

There are a lot of gold coins on the road. Try to run for a long time and run a long distance to be able to collect as many of these gold coins. You can use it to upgrade your character in the Hero section. This is a character shop. There are many characters with different special styles here. You can buy another character for yourself. It can be a female character with an extremely shy red hairpin, or a guitarist, aboriginal girl, ... Upgrade new skateboards faster, more beautiful, stronger.


Use the mouse to control the character.