Eliza Mall Mania

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Help Eliza shine in each outfit you choose

Eliza Mall Mania is an extremely colorful and lovely fashion game for girls. You will choose beautiful and suitable items to complete Eliza's projects. This is a fun dress up game developed by Idea Studios! In this fascinating adventure, you will have the opportunity to help Eliza choose a costume for the Mall Mania project. Your mission is to explore every floor of the mall and arrange the perfect combination of tops, pants, shoes, accessories and hairstyles for Eliza.

Arrange professionally

Unlock your inner fashionista as you stroll through the mall's different floors, each offering a unique selection of clothing and accessories. Mix and match different items to create stunning outfits that showcase Eliza's impeccable style. With your help, she has the potential to become the most beautiful and fashionable trendsetter in town!

You need to navigate through the mall, harnessing your creativity and fashion expertise to create stylish looks that reflect Eliza's personality. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different combinations to find the perfect outfit for every occasion.