Evo Warriors

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About Evo Warriors

Evo Warriors is a fighting game. Any fight can happen at any time. Your enemies will be around you. Self-defense is the best way to survive.

Similar to the ancient arenas. There is no tolerance and no mercy. Everything will be destroyed, anyone, any enemy. As soon as you appear you will become the target of all other players in the world. If you want to win the game, learn the game.

The rules of the games

Method to increase strength

First, you have to identify the items that can increase the strength of your character. Can collect shaped dishes such as steak, eggs, milk, ... you can increase the size of the character through these items. Thanks to them you can also grow stronger. But there are a few items to avoid like the red poisonous mushroom. It will make you smaller because of the loss of experience.

Another method is to attack smaller enemies. This attack can help you gain enemy experience and grow even faster. Enemies no matter how big or small will always chase you and find ways to kill you with just one swing of the sword. If you are too small, too weak, and do not have the ability to react, run away by speeding up. But this approach cannot be applied in the long term. You need to hide away from the enemy's sight.

Character level in the game

The game has only 16 character levels. Reach this highest level is not easy at all:

  • Knight level 1 to level 3
  • Assasin level 1 and level 2
  • Dwarf level 1 to level 3
  • Skeleton level 1 to level 3
  • Golem level 1 and level 2
  • Orc level 1 to level 3

A few tips when attacking

The continuous attack is not necessarily wise. Watch the enemy. Attack at the appropriate time when the enemy has not yet swung his sword. If you have grasped the secret, even bigger enemies will not be able to make it difficult for you.


  • Move= mouse
  • Attack= the left mouse button
  • Run fast= right click