Family Feud

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Test Your Wits in a Trivia Showdown

Family Feud is a game where quick thinking and knowledge prevail. You answer a question correctly within a limited time to get the highest possible score.

This game is a virtual rendition of the iconic American television game show created by Mark Goodson. You'll be pitted against a random opponent, and both players will receive the same question. The task at hand is to identify all four correct answers before accruing three strikes. It's worth noting that you can still earn points if your response is a synonym of the correct answer. On the flip side, responding incorrectly or failing to submit an answer within the allocated time will result in a strike. Successfully guessing all four answers before accumulating three strikes concludes the round and grants you a bonus of 50 points. Accumulating three strikes promptly wraps up the round, with the score being the cumulative total of correctly guessed answers. After each round, any remaining answers are unveiled, and the next round kicks off. Each game consists of a total of three rounds. In the second round, your score is doubled, and in the third round, it triples. The player with the highest score after three rounds emerges as the victor and earns the opportunity to tackle the Speed Round for a chance at even more points. In the Speed Round, the goal is to answer all five questions within the given timeframe. Achieve 100 points to secure a 500-point bonus or reach 200 points for a whopping 1000-point bonus. Therefore, aiming for a high score in the Speed Round is essential.

Some winning strategies for mastering Family Feud

  • Focus on excelling in the third round, where your score is tripled.
  • Respond swiftly to maximize your chances.
  • Consider all potential answers to cover your bases.
  • Draw from your own personal experiences and preferences when formulating your answers.