Fish Rescue Pull the Pin

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About Fish Rescue Pull the Pin

Fish Rescue Pull the Pin is a cute goldfish rescue game. Use the correct method to unpin the game. When the fish meets the water, you will win.

I love the cute fish! It was locked in an aquarium with no water at all. Life for it is very fragile. It is looking forward to your rescue. Focus, analyze, and make timely and effective decisions. That should be your way of playing.

Game Rules

In Fish Rescue Pull the Pin, the water sources leading to the fish were blocked by pegs. So the only thing you can do is use the mouse to move and drop the water inside. When the water enters the tank and the pool can swim you will complete the level.

There will be 2 types of red and blue water. If careless and choose red, goldfish can die tragically. But if you know how to use this red water for the enemy, there will be unexpected victories coming to you. Pay attention to the correct classification of water that can save your fish.

Released on date

Jul 13, 2021


Use your mouse to go to your end goal. You will not be far from that goal. Make an effort!