Flag Capture

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About Flag Capture

Flag Capture is a very attractive game genre for young people today. You must fight against enemies and collect the flag five times to get a victory.

Antagonism in Flag Capture

When you are a character in Flag Capture you will meet a competitor to you. In this game to be able to become the winner you must fight and rob the opponent's flag. You should seize every attack opportunity in any possible form such as: using guns to shoot, freeze, burn, or blow your opponent if they block your flag.

Some weapons will help you achieve your goals. The weapons will create beautiful and interesting physical effects.

Grasp time and life

On the left corner of the screen will have a heartbar expressing your life. Your time depends on your life. Therefore, quickly find weapons on the map to take them, take advantage of yourself to shoot down enemies and quickly finish.


  • Use the way to jump
  • Left mouse to shoot (you cannot shoot continuously because it takes a period of time between shooting)
  • ASWD or arrow keys to move