Flying Easter Bunny

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About Flying Easter Bunny

Flying Easter Bunny is a game that controls the bunny flying in the sky. Very cute Easter bunny. It has yellow wings and is extremely friendly.

Rabbit is walking in the blue sky. But unfortunately, there are too many pitfalls here. Although there are also quite a few easter eggs that attract rabbits. Help the bunny collect them all without any danger.

How to play the game?

Explore the sky

There are too many tall pillars in the sky. At the top of each pillar, there are glittering golden eggs. In addition, there are many other attractive items. We did a test flight. It is extremely difficult in the early stages of the game. It took a while for us to get used to the game.

If flying at too low a flight when hitting the poles we will lose. On the contrary, if we fly high, we will also lose. That's why don't be discouraged. Get used to it and don't give up. All your hard work will be rewarded.

Special features of the game

Suitable for all ages by the lovely image of the main character. Simple control without too many complicated operations. Healthy games and comprehensive entertainment are extremely useful.


Use the mouse to control the rabbit's flight path