From Nerd to Fab: Prom Edition

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About From Nerd to Fab: Prom Edition

From Nerd to Fab: Prom Edition is a beauty game. Help girls change themselves. Let's make all the ugliness disappear and leave only the beautiful!

Everyone in the school laughs at her for her unpretentious appearance. Every woman wants to be beautiful. When people around mock the inferiority complex will be born. Made her extremely sad. Tonight, there will be a festival night. She needs makeup for this prom night. Help her become more gorgeous, more beautiful. And regain your self-confidence.

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State 1

Let's start with her face first. Glasses can make her look older. Help her look young again by removing these glasses, and braces, removing the big acne on her face, clean her eyebrows.

Phase 2

We'll come up with the basic facials for her. Clean the red areas caused by inflammatory acne with a blue cream. Then, soothe them with a skin color solution. Next, cover the dark circles with concealer. Gently contour the face. create zones. Apply some fine powder to finish this stage.

Stage 3

This is the stage of makeup to be more beautiful. Choose a blush color you like for her cheeks. Next, apply mascara to make the eyelashes more gorgeous. Lipstick for her. Choose for her the most exquisite set of contact lenses.

Stage 4

It can be said that this is a comprehensive change, so it is impossible to ignore the beauty step for both hands and feet. Paint nails, apply beads, and choose special rings. Make her hands more luxurious and noble.

Stage 5

This is a complete change. Choose the costumes, hair, and accessories, .....

People on prom night will not recognize the ugly girl of the day. She has completely changed. They were overwhelmed by her beauty. People have completely changed their view of her.


Use the mouse to manipulate the game