Fruit Escape Draw Line

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About Fruit Escape Draw Line

Fruit Escape Draw Line is a fruit rescue game with just a pencil. The game will become more interesting as more fruits appear at each new level.

With many different levels there will be different difficult challenges. It's not just a pencil, it's an art. Use it wisely and wisely to make the most of it. Your strengths may not be revealed, practice in this game.

Levels in the game

The delicious fruits are anthropomorphized, filled with a lot of happy emotions. In each level is a different fruit: apple, orange, banana, pear,... There is only one way out which is the blue tornado gate. Use your genius calculation to draw lines, curves, diagonals,... that you think might be right to get you the fruit out of there. There will be many obstacles to stop your progress. Let's stop them from doing that.

The game becomes too simple once you have grasped the basic physics. Nothing is difficult. Try your best! The game always brings new experiences for all ages.


  • Play Fruit Escape Draw Line with family and friends for precious relaxing moments.
  • Beautiful, cute graphics
  • Fun sounds suitable for children
  • Free to play on any platform


Use the mouse skillfully and carefully to accurately draw the most amazing lines