Go Kart Go! Ultra!

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The Exciting World of Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Join Go Kart Go to get started with high-speed racing. Challenge yourself with this thrilling racing game where you will race across six exciting maps.

Race to Victory

In this game, you'll have the opportunity to engage in high-speed kart races alongside seven other professional racers. Your objective during each race is to navigate your kart through winding racetracks and complete three laps in the shortest time possible. However, it won't be a smooth ride as obstacles litter the course, threatening to impede your progress. Watch out for your fellow racers too, as they can attack you at any moment. To give yourself an edge, collect gift boxes scattered along the track to obtain power-ups and weapons. These weapons can be used strategically to knock your rivals off the track and slow them down, while power-ups provide protection from obstacles and a substantial speed boost. Keep an eye out for turbo pads, racing over them will give your kart a significant speed boost, helping you overtake opponents. Victory awaits the top three fastest racers, so aim for the podium! Additionally, don't forget to gather as many stars as you can along the racetrack.

Unlock New Characters and Maps

With a total of nine maps, including Old Station, Central Park, Watermill Mine, Sacred Grounds, Mexican Village, Racetracks, Candy Mountains, Treetops, and Fireland, you'll need to compete on these tracks to collect stars. Accumulate these stars to unlock new characters from a roster of nine, such as Rhino Bert, Albert von Schwein, Freddy Flamingo, Elton The Dog, Sonny Crocker, Monkeyboy, Eugene, Bruno, and Jimmy Cats.

A Wealth of Achievements

  • Grand Prix Game: Finish in the top three in your first race to earn this achievement.
  • Snail Trophy: You'll unlock this achievement after losing one race.
  • Speed Demon: Beat all racetrack records to add this achievement to your collection.
  • Presents Panic: Gather 100 items to secure this achievement.
  • Predator On Wheels: Achieve 25 hits on your rivals to claim this achievement.
  • Nitro Maniac: Drive over 100 turbo pads to unlock this achievement.
  • Track Master: Unlock all tracks to earn this accolade.
  • Kart Superstar: Unlock all characters to gain this achievement.
  • Go Kart Go! Champion: Win 100 races to prove your prowess and unlock this achievement.
  • Top Of The Hill: Finish first on all tracks to stand atop the hill with this achievement in hand.