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The Gameplay of GoBattle.io

GoBattle.io is an exciting multiplayer game with many different game modes. You play as a brave knight and save the kingdom from scary bosses.

Explore Dungeons

Prepare to explore a multitude of dungeons as you traverse the realm. These dungeons come in seven distinct types: castle, lava, forest, water, sky, cave, and snow dungeons. Each dungeon boasts its own unique features and landscapes, but be wary of lurking hazards as you venture forth. When delving into the castle dungeon, exercise caution around dangers like spikes, saws, mace axes, lasers, lava, and water. Meanwhile, the lava dungeon is fraught with perilous lava pools that demand your vigilance.

Boss Battles

In addition to dungeon exploration, engage in heart-pounding battles against formidable bosses. These formidable adversaries include Asterion, Firebreath, Krakopus, Gorgkin, Daragorn, Ram, Shado, and Snake-Skull Boss. Armed with potent weapons, you must confront and vanquish these bosses to claim valuable rewards such as items, coins, and experience points.


  • Use the A-D or Left-Right Arrow Keys for movement.
  • Employ the W or Up Arrow Key to jump.
  • Execute a knee attack with the S or Down Arrow Key.
  • Hurl knives with the Spacebar.
  • Access various weapons using the E-R-T-Y-U keys.
  • Enter doors by pressing the V key.

Playable Game Modes in GoBattle.io

  • Adventure Mode: Embark on an exhilarating adventure across diverse lands teeming with formidable bosses. Battle these bosses to earn precious coins and experience points.
  • King Mode: Engage in thrilling combat against powerful knights from around the world. Eliminate your adversaries to ascend the ranks and claim the title of ultimate king. Keep an eye out for dropped coins when a knight falls in battle, and gather as many as possible.
  • Damage Ball: Join a team, either Dark or Light, in this mode. Teams compete in a soccer match, but with a hazardous twist, the ball is poisoned and can reduce your health. Work with your teammates to score goals while avoiding carrying the ball for too long.
  • Battle Royale: Participate in an intense battle royale mode, where you and other players are teleported to a sprawling arena. At the outset, you possess only a rock, and you must scavenge for weapons scattered across the arena. Use these weapons to eliminate rival knights. Be mindful of the shrinking safe zone, as lingering outside it causes rapid health loss. Stay within the central safe zone to survive. Victory is achieved when all knights in the arena are eliminated, earning the winner 500 experience points and coins as a reward.