God of Light

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About God of Light

A beautiful graphics world from God of Light will bring you a lot of shimmering light that you may have never seen. Through the reflection you will see the world opened by your own hands.

In the following caves inside the dark universe you will become Shiny - a cute mascot to save the universe, explore the levels of the game division, combination, bend and energy movement to light to Activate the sources of energy back to the universe.

Discover God of Light's light secrets

How to play

Shiny is the first light. Use mice to control light through flower -shaped mirrors to lead the light source to reflect to the last flower mirror. Apply your own intelligence to distinguish this last flower mirror and do not miss any mirrors only when you can get the highest score. Try to fulfill your role to see more light with more colors.


Web Browser Game (Desktop and Mobile)

Android, iOS and steam version


  • No need to download and completely free
  • High quality graphics, light sound
  • Create flexible thinking for players


Use the mouse