Gold Digger FRVR

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About Gold Digger FRVR

Gold Digger FRVR belongs to the genre of gold mining games. Through many improvements, Gold Digger FRVR is now the most fun gold digger game for all ages.

The game goes through a long way from above ground to underground. The mining process takes place continuously when you operate your character. Any instructions will be suggested for each character's move. Extremely simple and easy to grasp game.

Guide to successful gold mining

Begin the game

The character is equipped with a shovel in hand. Multiple paths to the underground can be opened. You can choose to dig your way down to the ground by digging in the ground and mountains rising above it. You can also choose to go down by elevator dedicated to gold mining areas. Any road has stairs to lead you.

You can dig everywhere: Dig left, right, below, above. Dig all types: from soft brown soil to hard rock (it will take longer. The hidden gold bars are easy to see deep inside the rock layer by the cracks and the sparkle they give off.

Upgrade in the game

The deeper you go down, the more interesting things will be. Many fossils, geysers or possibly treasures. Dig and accumulate a lot of gold to upgrade your tools more advanced. Acquire support weapons like ammo to break rocks that can't be dug manually.

Be careful with the rocks on your head. They can fall at any time. Death will come very suddenly. Dodge them!


Use the ASWD arrow keys to move the character and dig for gold.