Gold Miner Unblocked

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About Gold Miner Unblocked

Gold Miner Unblocked is a classic gold mining game with a long history. An old man always loved digging gold with the dream of digging a lot of gold.

Even though he was quite old, the old man's strength was still very respectable. He can pull rocks or huge gold nuggets. The old man's path to riches is open. Help him become a boss!

Game Rules

The old man's gold-digging job

Each level will have a corresponding score. And the number of points obtained from you digging gold bars, stones, and diamonds, ... There will also be a fixed time frame for you to complete the level. You have only 60 seconds. Try to hold on to every precious second. The smaller the stones or gold, the faster the time to pull up, and vice versa. Many random gift bags will be in the game. Many random gift bags will be in the game. Large gold bars may be blocked by many gold bars and other stones around. It can take a lot of time and lead to failure. So drop your hook correctly.

Upgrade items

After completing the level you will be taken to an item shop. In the shop there will be 4 items for sale:

  • Boom: used to destroy the stones.
  • 1 potion xxx: Increases pull-up power faster
  • 1 lucky 4-leaf clover: increases your chances of getting better items from "?"
  • Rock collection book: increase the value of the stones.
  • Diamond polish: increase the value of diamonds in the next level

Pay attention when buying items. Due to the number of points passing each level will be accumulated together. If you buy too many items, your score will be deducted quite a lot. Calculate carefully, should only buy items that are really necessary. To the next level, you can pass more easily. Reach the specified number of points to avoid losing and having to start over. Skills will lead you to success. Play a lot and you'll notice it.


Using the keyboard

  • Down arrow to drop hook
  • Up arrow to use rock-breaking boom