Guardians of Gold

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About Guardians of Gold

Guardians of Gold is a game that moves a gold nugget through the hands of many people to a hole. This pit is where miners once stashed and seized gold.

No one will be able to hold back their greed when they see these sparkling gold pieces. Their value is very attractive to everyone. Especially with the poor gold diggers. They are all Aboriginal people working in the gold mines. This group of people always have many plans to get this gold. Getting them is a process. Let's see what they can do.

How to get gold successfully

Good coordination

In Guardians of Gold, we will manage a team with many gold miners. There will be one of them holding gold. Our only job is to help the workers pass the gold pieces to each other smoothly. Until the gold nugget moves into a hole marked "?" red above.

Tips for getting gold

But not everything can be so smooth and simple. There will always be a guard with a hammer and a flashlight on his hat. He will always supervise the work of the workers. Be careful with his lamp. He will always supervise the work of the workers. Be careful with his lights. Be careful with his lights. Areas without lights are ideal places for workers to pass gold to each other. The place was dimly lit and the guard wouldn't be able to see it.

Another point to note, among the workers there will be another guard. If you are not careful to pass it to him, the gold will be pushed back to the first craftsman. Your efforts will be considered in vain and time will be running out. Always pay attention to the time. Each level will not take much time. The guard was extremely sensitive. Be careful with his every move and be quick.


Use the mouse to transfer gold