Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend The Galaxy

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About Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend The Galaxy is an airplane shooting game in distant space. We will have a spaceship. It will be full of power.

Mastering the galaxy is not easy. There will be many enemies, many opponents waiting to attack us at any time. You have to make full use of your spaceship's capabilities. Resist and respond to all enemy attacks from all directions. Let's win. We will always support you.

Explore the galaxy in space

Stories of heroes

Drax and Gomora were ambushed during a scouting mission and have been taken. Star-lord, rocket, and Groot must get them back... Gamora is on that ship, we have to rescue her! Thanks to the support and guidance from this friend we will save Gamora.

Mode of the game

Groot, we're right on top of them, get ready to board! We will proceed step by step according to the plan outlined. Any rescue method will be met. The spaceship will be provided with an abundant level. We will attack the enemy with basic bullets. We will then be able to upgrade our ammo as we collect different types of ammo.

You will enter the head-to-head matches when the spaceship battle is over. Follow the step-by-step instructions to be able to pass the level easier. Your hitpoints:

  • Click on all the red points of the body before time runs out
  • Eliminate the enemy's hitpoints to win the battle


Don't be too hasty to hit the numbers in order from 1 to 5 too quickly. If you press the wrong button, you will be attacked by your opponent and quickly lose


Use the mouse to manipulate the game