Happy Candy

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About Happy Candy

Happy Candy is a game about cute little tooth decay. They love to eat candy. Despite the imminent danger, the tooth decay is determined to take the candy.

Happy Candy is a game that depicts the charm of sweet candies. Not only children but also tooth decay bacteria cannot ignore them. In the teeth, full of sharp teeth, but the bacteria still did not flinch. To them candy is everything.

How to play Happy Candy

Method of getting candy

You will start with the little red bacteria. The red bacteria will be placed on a plate in the center. This plate will move randomly. The candies around will move. The bacteria will have to rush towards the candy and explode with the candy. Besides, the left and right sides will have 2 rows of extremely dangerous sharp teeth. If you are not lucky enough to rush into them, the bacteria will also explode and lose.

Types of bacteria

We can upgrade many different bacteria characters outside the shop area:

  • Pale blue bacteria with 2 yellow worms
  • Bluish bacteria with blue spikes
  • Pink bacteria with 3 eyes
  • Muscular green bacteria

In each level, there will be mini gold coins, fly over them and accumulate to upgrade the above bacteria.


Use the mouse to control the bacteria in the game