Hit Masters Rush

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Rooftop journey through towering buildings

Become the best assassin in the game Hit Master Rush. Show off your sniper skills to kill the bad guys. Run and jump to reach the finish line safely. Your agility is essential for evading incoming challenges and foes, while your sharpshooting prowess is required to eliminate those in your path. Featuring top-tier graphics, complemented by captivating sound effects and music, it provides an engaging ambiance. Its user-friendly controls and responsive gameplay cater to players of all ages and skill levels.

The goal of Hit Master Rush

The goal of the game is to increase your score with each try, providing opportunities for improvement and greater challenge. You will survive and go further by destroying the robbers' buildings and their weapons. Our pint-sized hero is counting on your support to jump, slide, and eliminate all the enemies perched on those rooftop buildings while navigating the terrain. Your assistance is crucial in dispatching foes and navigating obstacles. Failing to shoot accurately or clear obstacles necessitates a restart in this top casual adventure game. Your achievements grow as you run, engage enemies, and unlock superior rewards upon completing each stage.