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Hobo is a game of walking around the streets of a drunk man. You will go through the streets with all the weapons or bad actions of a drunk guy.

Unleash Your Character's Unconventional Exploits

Within the realm of the Hobo game, your character defies all societal norms, embracing a chaotic existence. A self-proclaimed drunkard, he knows no boundaries, openly defying legal regulations. He confronts law enforcement, engages pedestrians, and even targets the most vulnerable, the homeless. Remarkably, this audacious behavior is not just permissible, it's expected. Your mission is to wreak havoc, vanquishing all in your path and forging ahead. Strive to progress as far as possible, leaving a trail of uproarious destruction.

Navigating Controls in Hobo

  • Employ arrow keys for seamless movement.
  • Activate the A key for a punch.
  • Invoke the S key for a kick.

Elevating Your Offensive Arsenal in Hobo

Upon reaching designated checkpoints, your character undergoes an evolution, leveling up and unlocking novel techniques. Consider, for instance, the A-A-S key combination for a spitting move or the S-S-A sequence for a puffing maneuver. These tactics momentarily immobilize your adversaries, bestowing you with a tactical edge in the heat of combat. Embrace these enhancements, granting you supremacy as you navigate the chaotic and audacious world of Hobo.