Hospital Hustle

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About Hospital Hustle

Hospital Hustle is a hospital business game with cute Lego characters. You will be the owner of a hospital. Grow your hospital model more and more famous.

In Hospital Hustle, your hospital needs many factors to become a high-quality hospital. Many hospitals have become famous based on a team of highly skilled doctors, modern machines,... Besides, the management of a hospital requires a high professional ability.

The special feature of the game is that you can play two people at the same time. Let's play with your friends or relatives so that we can support each other to develop hospitals quickly and to international standards!

Hospital business in the game

Hospital Management

You will open a hospital with an initial capital of $50,000. The hospital door has opened according to the instructions in the top left corner of the screen you will go to the designated area to open the first clinic for $100. Congratulation! Your first clinic has been opened. At this point, the first patients have set foot in your clinic.

In-game medical examination

The hospital has just entered the early stages, so there will not be enough consultants, nurses, and doctors. You will be the one to hold all these roles. Step into the role of the first nurse to collect medical supplies into the clinics. Then, go to the designated area at the integrated counter to receive the first patients into your clinic.

The patient will lie on the hospital bed and wait for you to perform the following operations measure the electrocardiogram. Don't let the patient lie on the hospital bed, waiting for you too long will affect their mood. They will get very angry and stop going to the doctor. Be quick to operate multiple areas at once.

The benefit of two players

If two players can play together, you can support each other. Each person manages several separate departments. The work will probably go into the process more methodically and professionally. Hospital Hustle is a virtual business game. You can play entertainment together to improve your spirit every day.


Press key WASD keys or arrow keys to move the character. Flexible for both player 1 and player 2.