Hover Skirt Run

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About Hover Skirt Run

Hover Skirt Run is a game with colorful fashion dresses. On the way to conquer these dresses, you will be flying in the air. These dresses are so beautiful.

Fashion games have many genres. We have chosen very closely. Finally saw the value in these special colors. Those are the most shimmering color-changing dresses that we are sure the game will be convincing enough for you.

The process of collecting skirts

Performance process

Moving into the game is extremely difficult. The character can only move forward and cannot go backward. So choose the right path you will decide to take. Should be the streets with many skirts, hairstyles, short shirts, ..... and diamonds. You should stay away from the pitfalls: saw blades, scissors, ... these are the enemies of the skirts. Stay away from them if you don't want them to cut your pretty dress. Some other sections of the road are deep abysses. Try to fly over them. When you reach the finish line, if the number of costumes on your body is not up to the standard, you will also lose.

Fashionable gait

Not only do ballet, but the character in the game is also a model with a very standard figure and body. You will look absolutely beautiful no matter what dress you wear. There are a variety of dresses of different colors and patterns that you can wear for your character. On the way to collect the dresses, you should pick up a lot of blue diamonds. It is a valuable source of funds for you to upgrade your dresses. The roads with multiplier will also bring you many unexpected winning opportunities.

How to play

Click and hold the mouse to go ahead and fly over the abyss. Release the mouse when you want to stop and fall.