Idle Farming Business

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About Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business is a farm development game. You will be exposed to many different fruit trees. You will become the best farm operator. We will train you!

The conditions, weather, and space in Idle Farming Business are too ideal for agricultural development. The farm is not too big with only a few basic fruit trees. When you open them all you will reach the finish line and complete the whole game. The only criterion in the game is diligence in harvesting crops. Only when you harvest a lot will you have a lot of money to expand the farm more?

Game Rules

Planting method

You will start your farm with the first crop seed. A nutrient-dense tuber is a potato. The yield of potato tubers is very high. The recovery speed also tops other fruits in the game. Although the farm area is not large, there will be many advanced forms of upgrading. If you know how to properly use these upgrade models you will be able to get valuable achievements in the game.

The bumper season in the game

Newer lands are opened more will appear many new fruit trees such as carrots, rice, strawberry... These trees will give extremely high profits. But the speed of recovery will not be fast. But we firmly believe that these are golden seeds. You should invest in them to get yourself another huge amount of money.

Weather in the game

In the game, there are still virtual rains and bright sunshine happily. These virtual natural phenomena are only found in Idle Farming Business. Those are also factors that contribute to your plants growing faster. All plants always have happy emotions. That will make farmers like us more energetic and hardworking.


Use the mouse to do farm business