Idle Island

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About Idle Island

Idle Island is an island survival game. You will become a hero and defeat evil enemies to rescue the beautiful princess. Explore this exciting island now. You'll enjoy a world filled with rich natural resources, where your skills will be tested as you gather materials, build bridges, and build houses. Embark on an exciting exploration of the entire island, while engaging in thrilling battles against formidable opponents.

Rescue the beautiful princess

Rescue the princess from the clutches of a villain! A real adventure awaits. You'll need to establish a thriving settlement, recruit skilled foresters and miners, and confront fearsome monsters to save the princess. Explore the vast and captivating world around you, engage in fierce battles against formidable enemies, and gather vital resources to aid you in your journey. With user-friendly controls and exciting quests, the power to shape your destiny is in your hands! Easily navigate the game with your mouse or keyboard, allowing for seamless and immersive gameplay.