Idle Island Build And Survive

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About Idle Island Build And Survive

Idle Island Build and Survive is an enjoyable casual game in which the objective is to survive on an uninhabited island by building shelters and gathering resources. How long are you able to live by yourself? You will need to learn skills like as mining, building tools, searching for food, and building shelter if you want to stay alive in this world. Discover the island, collect various resources, fashion various implements, and start building your own home. Choose the methods of survival that appeal to you the most.

Idle Island! Survive online!

After your shipwreck, you must use your avatar to collect resources like trees, metals, stone, and other items to build houses for yourself and your people, hunt animals for food, and protect yourselves from the elements and other dangers.

Use the mouse to interact with your environment, and don't worry—the first level includes a thorough tutorial that explains the mechanics. They're idle, so click a lot and let your progress earn you more. Start now and have fun!

Released on

Apr 8, 2023


  • Natural 3D beauty from different angles
  • Diverse automatic mode
  • other cute animals waiting for you to explore!
  • Explore the world map and construct a wide variety of structures.
  • Play tournaments and compete with your friends
  • Enjoy without internet


Use your mouse to play.