Iron Snout

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About Iron Snout

In Iron Snout, you take on the role of a pink pig, you will be trained by a skilled martial arts uncle, armed only with your intelligence and fighting prowess. The challenges grow as waves of wolves become more relentless, leaving little time for respite. Brace yourself for increasingly dangerous waves, and remember, there's no room for rest in this ferocious battle. Should you fall to the ferocity of these wolves, fear not, for every defeat brings an opportunity to rise and fight again.

Instructions for playing Iron Snout

To maximize your chances of survival, consider taking the tutorial before diving into real combat. Master the art of punches, kicks, high jumps, and other devastating moves to combat the wolves effectively. Keep a close eye on the health bar displayed at the top of the screen, as it indicates the well-being of your pig character. As you endure enemy attacks, your health will gradually deplete. If the bar empties entirely, your pig will meet its demise, marking the end of the game. Once the battle concludes, a comprehensive statistics table awaits, presenting your achievements from the last encounter. You'll find valuable data such as Fight Time, Strikes, Hits, Best Combo, and more, offering insights into your performance and progress.