Jelly Merger

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A Tranquil Arcade Adventure

Jelly Merger is an enchanting arcade game decorated with vibrant and colorful graphics. Merge two identical jellies to create new ones and conquer many levels.

In this delightful game, your objective is to combine pairs of identical jellies, forging entirely new ones in the process. Once you've created a jelly, position it strategically in front of the cannon. As the cannon's bullets collide with your jelly creations, you'll amass a wealth of coins. Use your hard-earned coins to acquire additional jellies and continue your merging journey. Each level presents a unique monetary target that you must achieve to progress. Strive to complete as many levels as your skills allow, accumulating a treasury of coins along the way. And remember, if you find yourself in a puzzling situation, the handy Rotate button on the right side of the screen is at your service to help you spin those jellies.

Meet the Developer and Compatibility

Jelly Merger is the brainchild of 2Play, and it made its debut in July 2023. You can enjoy this delightful game on both your PC and mobile devices, ensuring entertainment wherever you go.