Kill Time In The Office

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About Kill Time In The Office

Kill Time In The Office is a relaxing game during working hours. Did you do other things during your work hours? Play the game and experience for yourself.

Working hard every day is what we should do. In the game, there will be a series of other jobs to kill time for you to learn. Don't follow what's in the game. Sometimes we should be right about what we should and shouldn't do. What we play and experience will help us take the right direction in life.

Game mechanics

Play Kill Time In The Office game

Our character is a young female employee working on a computer in an office. There is always a boss walking around to keep an eye on employees working. Our employee often skips work to do other personal things to kill time. She should do them without a boss. If her boss catches her skipping work to do these private things, she will lose her job.

Jobs to Kill Time In The Office game

This employee has a lot of tricks. Guess what she will do:

  • Nail polish
  • Hair curls
  • knitting
  • Eyebrow plucking
  • Chat
  • Sleep
  • Mask

You will receive the specified amount of time 1 minute and 30 seconds. When the time is up and the work is still incomplete. You will lose. While working privately, if you see your boss about to appear from afar, click on the computer. So that she can continue working undetected. Complete these individual tasks to get the highest score on the leaderboard.


All controlled by a mouse