Knock the ball

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About Knock The Ball

Knock The Ball is an extremely hot entertainment game in which you must shoot boxes from a distance. Create the ability to become a professional marksman.

A whole day of work and study is extremely tiring. Facing tough questions daily can cause severe stress. In Knock The Ball you can leave your fatigue and stress like boxes in the game. Balls will be shot from the cannon to the boxes. When the boxes are knocked out, you will find your mood will also be more comfortable. We will help you remove all the stress in your life!

How to play Knock The Ball?

Practice how to shoot cannons

There are many boxes stacked into a box tower. They are placed on a T-shaped wooden pole. The boxes will come in different colors: green, yellow, orange, etc. They can be round boxes or they can also be square boxes,... Box towers can be increased from 1 tower to 3 or more towers. To more complex levels, there will be a few obstacles you have to be skillful and precise to hit the target. These obstacles can be movable or vice versa.

At each level you will receive a corresponding number of different bullets. Each time you shoot one bullet, if the number of shots is x2 extra you will be able to shoot double bullets. If you use up all this ammo and the barrels are still left. You will lose.

Tips in the games

You can increase your short range to about 1mm above your first point of view. As for the obstacles, don't stress too much. Please wait patiently for the golden moment. Do not rush because the game is not timed. The golden moment will give you precise finishing touches. Not difficult with a little luck, every bullet shot becomes too easy. Let's play!


Use the mouse to shoot bullets at the target