Magic Tiles 3 online

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About Magic Tiles 3 online

Magic Tiles 3 Online is a game with musical notes. If you are passionate about music, this game will be where you show off your music-savvy talent.

This is a new modern style of playing. Many years ago until now, there are still many musicians who use very loud and bulky instruments to create melodious sounds. Besides, there will be a few special artists like us, turning our mini portable devices into special musical instruments. That is different.

How to play a virtual instrument?

Sound from the game

You can think of a simple smart device like iPhone, or iPad, ..... how can it become a musical instrument. Magic Tiles 3 Online will change the way you think. There are a variety of music scores in the game for you to enjoy the experience and create music from vibrant to melodious. The sound of the music will be created by your hands.

You have to capture the emotion in the melody of the song. The music keys will run from the top edge of the game screen and run down to the beat of the music. That is to say: if the melody is slow, the notes will tend to fall slowly and vice versa. Flexible use your hands to choose the right notes that fall there. Some other special notes require you to press, hold, and release at the end of the note. If you miss even one note, you will lose

Advantages of the game

Magic Tiles 3 Online is a treasure trove of endless tracks. More advantages when playing in any terrain and posture. It can be played at a cafe, restaurant, beach, at home, etc. Can be played while standing, sitting and even lying down. Simple and effective, right?


  • Click the mouse when using a PC or laptop
  • Tap the screen directly when using other smart devices