Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

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Safeguard Your Farm!

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a game where you have to protect your precious home from the relentless invasion of chickens. Destroy impending dangers. Within the confines of your delightful farm, you've cultivated a bountiful harvest of unique vegetables and fruits. However, malevolent flocks of chickens have set their sights on your cherished crops, intent on devouring the fruits of your labor. Organized into ruthless groups, they descend upon your farm with destructive intent. Your task is to shield your hard-earned produce by constructing a fortified fence armed with potent weaponry.

Constructing the Defense Fence

Utilize your available funds to acquire weapons, then merge two of them together to forge a powerful, deadly apparatus. These formidable weapons will unleash a torrent of bullets upon the villainous chickens, thwarting their malicious intentions. Keep crafting new weapons and fortify your defense fence. Continuously create more potent weapons in the same manner to bolster your barricade.

Beware of Cunning Foes

As the chickens gather in larger and more intelligent groups, their attacks grow fiercer and more synchronized. To counter their increased cunning, equip your defense with a plethora of advanced weapons. Should your fence falter and crumble, the chickens will infiltrate your farm, leading to the end of the game.