Mighty Party: Doge Rescue

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About Mighty Party: Doge Rescue

Mighty Party: Doge Rescue is a game that protects the dog's safety. Aggressive bees can attack at any time. Draw a wall to prevent the bee swarm from attacking.

The hive is very close and the dog is in a very dangerous situation, how to protect the dog from the bees? With just the basic lines you can create a powerful shield. The dog will be extremely safe under your attentive protection.

Game Rules

The life of the dog

For each level, you can only draw once. Once you've finished drawing, you won't be able to draw anymore. At this point, the bees will appear. They will have 10 seconds to attack your dog. After 10 seconds your dog is still in the safe zone then you will win. The game will become more and more difficult on many levels. The number of dogs will also be gradually increased. You will have to learn how to protect more dogs than just a pencil stroke. That is your top duty. Luck will guide you!

Their power

A bee that can be destructive shouldn't be a concern. But if it's the power of an entire swarm of bees in large numbers, that's a different matter. A whole swarm of bees can shake the walls you create, can even be pushed away and whip into dangerous areas. Many dangerous areas such as seawater, and lava can make your dog lose. Therefore, when building walls you should calculate in advance the risks that may be imminent. Bees can also die when falling in these areas. Bee venom is very dangerous. The dog's face can be puffy from these poisonous stings. Let's the dogs. Guide them to the shortest and safest exits.


Use your mouse to draw and protect the dogs.