Milk The Cow

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Milk The Cow is an engaging two-player game with addictive gameplay. You can milk six buckets by yourself or have a friendly competition with friends.

Game mode

1-Player Mode: In this mode, you can select the milking duration from four options: 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, or 60 seconds. Your task is to milk all six buckets as swiftly as possible before the timer runs out. Your milking will automatically cease once the milk tank is full.

2-Player Mode: In this mode, you can challenge a friend to a milking showdown. Both players will race to fill their milk tanks by milking six buckets. The first player to achieve a full tank emerges as the victorious milker, so speed is of the essence in defeating your friend.

Controls are simple

For the 1-Player mode

Use the A, S, J, and K keys to milk.

For the 2-Player mode

Player 1 should utilize the A, S, and D keys to milk, while Player 2 can employ the J, K, and L keys to milk.