Minigolf Archipelago

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About Minigolf Archipelago

Minigolf Archipelago is an online golf game. Play Golf completely free. You also do not need to invest too much in accessories, or any other golf equipment.

Golf is a relatively difficult sport for newcomers. Not only learning the rules, techniques, and rules of the game, but the cost of playing golf is also an investment that players need to consider. So how much does golf cost? This is always a question that many new golfers are especially interested in. So why don't we play golf through the Minigolf Archipelago game?

How to play Minigolf Archipelago?

Have fun while playing the game

Golf is an aristocratic sport, there are many techniques, rules, and regulations that need to be understood to be able to play proficiently. So how to learn golf for beginners? You will receive enthusiastic guidance from Brian. A beginner in golf must know the basic techniques. Let's start! Tap and hold on to the dotted circle to aim. When you're ready, release to launch. Once the ball is in the hole you will pass the first familiarity level of the game. Congratulations!! You learned how to hit the ball and also scored your first point! Let's try something more challenging now.

Advantages of the game

There are many differences from actual golfing. When playing golf outdoors, you have to learn a lot of other things such as warm-ups, club grips, hitting positions, basic techniques, related factors to keep in mind. Minigolf Archipelago is simply a virtual golf game. So there will be no need for too many complicated stages when playing. Therefore, it will be easier for you to approach and quickly get used to the game


Use the mouse to control the golf ball into the hole