Momo Horror Story

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Introducing the game Momo Horror Story

The story set in Momo Horror Story is based on a "momo" legend. You are assassinated by a stranger in your own home. You are trying everything to escape. You play a character and are accidentally texted by Momo with extremely scary threatening messages, you may be harmed by him. You are frantically trying to find a way to escape, as you must complete a series of tasks such as activating the generator, locating the key and securing the windows. You must survive until the timer counts down to 00:00, at which point the police will come and rescue you. The game offers two distinct modes: Classic mode and Gun mode, each offering a unique gameplay experience.

Story of the game

After a long day's work, you opted to stay in and skip the outing with your friends. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until a late-night notification pinged on your phone. Who could be messaging you at this hour? As you glance at the screen, you discover a message from an unfamiliar contact. You don't know that someone will visit you tonight. Questions raced through your mind. Who could this person be? What could they possibly want? Can you escape your house? The familiar surroundings suddenly felt unfamiliar, and a sense of dread began to creep in. As you contemplated your options, a chilling realization washed over you, all the doors of your house had been inexplicably sealed shut. Panic welled up inside you, and you wondered where you could run to if your own home had become a sinister trap. To play more great and famous horror games, visit Sonic exe to experience exciting games now!