Monkey Escape

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About Monkey Escape

We now highly recommend Monkey Escape, an online action jumping game with monkeys, to each and every visitor of our website, who we are absolutely sure will not regret the chance of undertaking this game for anything in the world, and they should not, as it is a guaranteed amazing time, as we have made you used to with already, without a doubt! Monkey Escape is a game that we have made you used to with already, so there is no doubt about that!

Jump your way out of there with the monkey!

If you get caught by the forces that are chasing you from below, you will lose the game. Jump from wall to wall and dodge leaves or other obstacles on the wall of the hole.

When you leap with the monkey to greater heights, your score will increase proportionately. Now that you understand how straightforward everything is, you can get started right away, either on desktop computers or mobile devices, and then remain around to find out what else is on its way, especially for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse or tap on the screen whenever you want to make a jump.