Ninja Rabbit

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About Ninja Rabbit

Casual gaming is considered inferior by experienced gamers. Occasionally, actual diamonds in the rough appear. This is exemplary. Help the new Ninja Rabbit protagonist release the forest animals. Juggle the fluffy hero across many levels. Find hidden tunnels and collectibles. Save all creatures and reach the finish gates to unlock the next episode.

Peaceful Warrior

This title isn't about combat and action. Instead, it uses fun platforming and humor.

Playing Ninja Rabbit

Aim with the mouse. Left-click to throw and attach ropes. Release LMB to disengage. Jumpers, cannons, and other devices can reach hard-to-reach regions. High-speed collisions shatter items. Destroy the cages holding buddies using this method. Find them all and approach the exit sign to finish and continue. To maximize score, collect all carrots and special bells.

Modern programming tools allow anyone to mass-produce mindless button-mashers. Compared to them, one Ninja Rabbit game online is refreshing. This title was laborious. It looks, plays, and doesn't disrespect the player. Don't miss recent gaming's greatest. Take on the trials and free the animals. Catch the kidnapper.


  • Physics-based traversal
  • Custom maps featuring labyrinths, barriers, and bonuses
  • Excellent 2D graphics and animation
  • Every shot and sound effect exudes hilarity.

The protagonist moves like a sentient furball. Building momentum to launch it never gets old. This perilous endeavor doesn't faze the committed hare. Use unique devices and remarkable agility to achieve the destination.


Usse the mouse