Noob vs Cops

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Embrace the Exciting Pursuit in Noob vs Cops

Noob vs Cops is a challenging survival game. You will have to control the ship to move left and right to avoid the zombie police and catch a lot of fish.

Within this game's immersive setting, you'll assume the role of Noob, pursued relentlessly by the relentless zombie cops. Your task entails piloting your ship across the vast expanse of the ocean, evading the clutches of these pursuing cops. The stakes are high, as their apprehension spells defeat for you. Thus, your reflexes and speed must be your allies, propelling you onward with urgency. In addition, your mastery over the ship's lateral movement can be employed to your advantage, orchestrating collisions between the zombie cops' vessels. Employing this strategic maneuver can disrupt their pursuit, creating chaos in their wake. Further enhancing your odds of survival, your ship comes equipped with firearms that can obliterate the zombie cops' vessels. While contending with the undead law enforcement, exercise caution around the looming obstacles of massive rocks and the fishing ships dotting the ocean. Colliding with these hazards spells destruction for your ship, leading to your defeat. Amidst this adrenaline-fueled chase, an additional mission beckons: seize the opportunity to capture a plethora of fish.

The Marketplace in Noob vs Cops

Each ship boasts distinct attributes, with speed being one of the key differentiators. Thoughtful deliberation is advised as you peruse the various features and invest the fish you've caught in acquiring the ship that resonates with your preferences. Additionally, harness the potential of your captured fish to procure potent firearms. These armaments can be seamlessly integrated onto your ship, empowering you to launch devastating volleys against the zombie cops' vessels.